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Welcome to our blog! I’m Even, from RELIFE, an average cyclist, and I write a blog for people like me.

This is the best exercise bike blog with lots of exercise bike workout tips along with the best exercise bike & related accessories reviews. Compare upright and recumbent exercise bikes, prices, and features with our comparison charts.

Cycling on the stationary trainer is a great way to stay healthy and keep safe during the coronavirus pandemic – Relife Rebuild Your Life

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2021 The History of Exercise Bikes

Exercise bike riding has been around for centuries. From the early 20th century to present day, people have used bikes as an effective way of getting exercise and toning up! Would you like to know about the funny history?

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Use A Spinning Bike Correctly – Listen to authoritative doctor

Spinning bikes are a great way to work out. The fact that they can be used for both indoor and outdoor training makes them even more appealing, as you’ll enjoy the fresh air with every pedaling stroke!

If your goal is strength building then it’s best not use this type of cardio exercise machine; however if weight loss is what has motivated you into starting an active lifestyle then spinning may very well do all of workout,so long as one follows orthopedist guidelines…

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