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In the fitness nutrition and wellness series of the Relife blog, we will continue to update the knowledge of how to absorb energy and supplement nutrition in high-efficiency fitness, such as the combination of three meals a day for fitness.

how to use the dip bar

How to use the dip bar?

Learn how to use the dip bars for your home gym. This post will show you why it’s useful and how to use one properly. Usefulness of dip bars Dips also called parallel bars are a very intense basic activity, which involves working all the muscles of the upper body (bodice, throat, breast, chest, thorax,

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6 Most Common Causes of Obesity

The most common causes of obesity are lack of physical activity and an unbalanced diet. There is much more to the story than just that though. Here we will explore six major causes of obesity, as well as how to help prevent it from happening in the first place.

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