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Founded in 2017, RELIFE—rebuild your life, Regarding United States, Europe (UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain), Japan, and South Korea as our targeting, focusing on the designing and manufacturing of sports fitness equipment products, we have now treadmills, exercise bikes, pull-ups, dumbbells, dumbbell racks, dumbbell benches, trampolines, and gym-specific supporting products included in our catalog, all of which are suitable for home and light commercial fitness requirements.

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2021 The History of Exercise Bikes

Exercise bike riding has been around for centuries. From the early 20th century to present day, people have used bikes as an effective way of getting exercise and toning up! Would you like to know about the funny history?

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Cookies Recipe For Breakfast : Yes, You Read That Right

Forget about the store bought cookies that are high in fat content and filled with sugar. These homemade healthy chocolate chip cookies are just as tasty, but much healthier for you! The best part? They’re easy to make! You can use them for a snack or even dessert. Yum!

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4 Running Substitutes For Athletes With Sore Knees

Contrary to popular belief, you do not have to run 5 km every morning to be considered a “fit person”. Really, you don’t have to run at all! Especially if it causes you undue pain in your knees, shins, or back. While running is a fantastic cardio workout, it is a high-impact activity that puts quite a

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Dumbbells Workout Exercises and Guideline

Dumbbells are ideal equipment to start building your own fitness zone at home. Easier to store than barbells, and be used for simple full-body exercises, help you become stronger.
Explore a huge range of dumbbells in Relife Fitness Mall

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