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Founded in 2017, RELIFE—rebuild your life, Regarding United States, Europe (UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain), Japan, and South Korea as our targeting, focusing on the designing and manufacturing of sports fitness equipment products, we have now treadmills, exercise bikes, pull-ups, dumbbells, dumbbell racks, dumbbell benches, trampolines, and gym-specific supporting products included in our catalog, all of which are suitable for home and light commercial fitness requirements.


Use A Spinning Bike Correctly – Listen to authoritative doctor

Spinning bikes are a great way to work out. The fact that they can be used for both indoor and outdoor training makes them even more appealing, as you’ll enjoy the fresh air with every pedaling stroke!

If your goal is strength building then it’s best not use this type of cardio exercise machine; however if weight loss is what has motivated you into starting an active lifestyle then spinning may very well do all of workout,so long as one follows orthopedist guidelines…

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dumbbells workout set

Why Are Dumbbells So Expensive

You can’t go wrong with a set of dumbbells! These great tools will help you build your strength and lose fat. The best thing about them? They’re versatile – they allow for endless possibilities…

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dumbbell press-2

How to Dumbbells Press the Right Way

Once you’ve mastered the basics of the bench press, there are a host of variations you can play with. Try some of these to spice up your training, and to add challenge without necessarily adding weight.

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