How To Use Dumbbells To Build A Good Figure For Fat Loss And Shaping

This is also the dumbbell exercise theme that relife receives the most. It is very suitable for friends who have plastic needs but don’t know where to start.

Today I will share with you how to use dumbbells for systemic anaerobic training of the whole body,

This is also the dumbbell exercise theme that relife receives the most. It is very suitable for friends who have plastic needs but don’t know where to start.

We have always emphasized that whether you are reducing fat and gaining muscle or maintaining your current figure, only regular anaerobic exercise can increase your lean body mass and increase your metabolism. Here we will share some key points of the production plan and A very complete dumbbell training plan for a week


1.Overall Training + Partial Strengthening

You must treat the body as a whole. Whether you want to thin legs, abdomen, or arms, we all need systemic training of the whole body, combined with local strengthening training, in order to achieve sustained results.

2.Plan Not To Change Frequently

Consistency: There are many dumbbell exercises. Many people may change the training exercises because of the freshness when training, but this is not conducive to our long-term fitness effect. It is difficult to compare whether our exercise volume is really improving.

A plan that suits you, and if you have a strong sense of movement in the action, we can use it for 8-12 weeks. During this period, you can gradually increase the number or repetition of exercise groups according to your own physical feelings, every two Zhou can slightly change one or two of these actions,

3.It Is Important That The Action And The Mind Are Consistent

There is an idea in the head to think about the current muscle group, let the target muscle group actively exert force, and then drive the surrounding muscles and joints to passively exercise. These active and passive sequences must be remembered.


With a lighter weight, lift up to inhale, drop to exhale.

Medium weight, lift up to exhale, drop to inhale.

5.Weight Selection For Plasticity

The choice of weight is different for everyone, so you must choose this weight according to your own physical feelings.

If it is for the purpose of plasticity, you can do about 15 dumbbells with the weight of a certain dumbbell. Pay attention that your movements do not deform during exercise and do not use force, but there will be a little bit of effort. This is Better choice

If the initial stage is a girl, the upper body is under 10LB and the lower body is under 30LB, it is definitely enough.


#1 Hip and leg training

  • Warm-up & activation 5-10min
  • 1&1/2 Wide Squat & Half Squat
  • Side Squat & Oblique Back Lunge Super Group
    3 x (10+10+10+10)
  • Kneeling back kick
    3x (10+10+10+10)
  • Lunge single-leg deadlift & lunge squat

    3x (10+10+10+10)

  • Lunge jump 2x 20
  • Stretching for 5-10min

#2 Shoulder&Two Head Training

  • Warm-up & activation 5-10min
  • Side flat lift & kneeling position, unilateral shoulder push 3x(10+10+10)
  • One-handed forward lift & diamond forward lift 3x (10+10+10)
  • Dumbbell wide & narrow lift 3x(10+10)
  • Bend and beam the flying bird 3×10-One-sided two-head curling 3x(10+10)
  • Stretching 5-10min

#3 Back&Chest&Three Head Training

  • Warm-up & activate for 5-10min
  • Sitting posture with colorful red front lift 3 x 10
  • Bent over double & one-handed rowing
    3x (10+10+10)
  • Dumbbell High Flat Super Group
    3 x (10+10+10+10)
  • Prone chest press supergroup
    3x (10+10)-three heads 3x (10+10)
  • Stretching for 5-10min

#4 Advanced training for all physical fitness(optional)

  • Warm up for 5min
  • Take turns left and right lunges 3x (10 + 10)
  • Kneeling squat to get up 3×10
  • Backward lunge + shoulder push 3x (10 + 10)
  • Four-legged support to move dumbbells 3x (10 + 10)
  • Stretching 5-10min
  1. Rest between groups for the 30s-90s
  2. Training day & rest can be adjusted flexibly according to your own life
  3. The sequence of actions can be adjusted flexibly, based on the principle of the first difficulty and then easy
  4. The number and frequency of groups can be flexibly adjusted according to personal circumstances. It is recommended that (3-4) groups x (10-20) can better meet the needs of shaping
  5. Each training process is warm-up, activation, formal training, stretching
  6. To stimulate the muscles more effectively under the weight limit, a lot of supergroups are arranged, that is, we don’t stop between the two actions.


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