RELIFE TD Decagon Sports Authority Dumbbells With Metal Handles


A good set of bells can be used to duplicate nearly all types of barbell exercises, while also offering a wider range of single-arm, rehab-specific, and explosive movements in virtually any sized space—something not possible with bars or most weight room machines.



Handle Material: Metal

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Why choose RELIFE Decagon dumbbell heavy weights barbell?

 The health benefits of dumbbells. Improve resting metabolic rate. Protect from harm. Increase the strength of bones, muscles and connective tissue.



The unique decagon-shaped heads preserve the sleek appearance of a round dumbbell, and yet the heads are edged to prevent rolling, thus protect you from potential injury. You can easily grab the dumbbells where you left them and may perform floor exercises, such as dumbbell push-ups, with them. These decagon-shaped heads are also perfectly gentle on your flooring and allow easy storage.


The decagonal design makes the dumbbells more stable and reduces rolling. The Rubber coated weights are meant to reduce noise, protect floors and keep your dumbbells working for you longer, delivering solid performance.

PEV Polymer Material:

Our cast iron dumbbell heads are coated with PEV, an eco-friendly plastic material noted for being super durable, easy to sanitize, and odorless. For its excellent sustainability and safety,Adopts PEV coating for our dumbbell heads to ensure our quality and safeguard your health. With PEV coating, you no longer need to worry about paint chipping off your dumbbells or any disturbing odor. We guarantee you will find our dumbbells ultra-sturdy against wear and tear, easy to sanitize, and odor-free.

Good For Health:

Dumbbells offer across-the-board training and health benefits to users from fitness beginners to professional athletes alike. With one set of dumbbells, you can easily meet your fitness; wellness goals with a minimal constraint on space and time, including but not limited to building a wide range of muscle groups such as arms, chest, back, legs, and core, and significantly improve cardiovascular health through lifting. With this small piece of equipment, you are entitled to enjoy its versatile functions and the joy and fitness that comes along with it!

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