RELIFE B01 Rebuild Your Life Vibration Plate Exercise Machine For Home Gym


Are You Looking To Get In Great Shape But Intimated About Expensive Gyms? Benefits From Vibration Exercise Go Far Beyond Building Muscle, You Will Also Enjoy Boosting Metabolism, Improving Circulation And Building Core Strength, Stimulate Blood Flow And Soothe Tired Feet And Legs For Full Body Sports Training.

  • Maximum User Weight: 265 LBS
  • Brand: RELIFE
  • Model: B01

Product List:

  • Vibration Board Exercise Machine*1
  • 2 Loop Bands*1
  • Manual*1
  • Wearable Remote Control*1
• Processing time: 1-2 business days
• Shipping time: 3-5 business days (U.S. only)
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This is quiet, doesn’t take up much room, and very easy to store away when you’re done. So, How Does This Whole Body Vibration Plate Work?

The platform creates a repetitive motion using 3D lateral and oscillation that activates all of your muscle fibers. What does that mean for you? Well, in the amount of time it would take you to drive to the gym, you’ll be able to get a workout in that will transform your physique and help you feel great!

Product features:

Ergonomic Design

User-friendly technology + Wearable remote control, control your workout remotely, easy to use control panel & settings keep your body challenged without a doubt. Vibration plate speed can be fast switched.

Multiple Exercise Modes

You may press a button or remote control to choose your program preference: P1, P2, P3, P4, P5 & Manual-88 are shown sequentially. Features 3 Training Channels: Walking, Jogging, Running. A variety of exercise modes allow you to try different vibration exercises or combine the vibration exercise with sit-up, push-up, yoga.

Lose Weight & Burn Fat

The benefits of vibrating exercise go well beyond building muscle. You’ll also enjoy a full body workout that boosts metabolism, improves circulation and builds core strength, stimulates blood flow, and relaxes tired feet and legs. The benefits of vibrating exercise go far beyond that, and there are many hidden benefits just waiting to be discovered.

Collocation 2 Loop Bands

Combine the vibrator with our resistance band, using the band for conditioning, strength training, stretching and injury rehabilitation. The resistance band can also play a protective role in the movement user manual, providing detailed and professional guidance for your movement.

Benefits of a vibrating platform:

  • Whole Body Wellness, Increases muscle strength, bone density, and balance. Significantly improves weight-loss targets, makes physical activity easier over a period of time.

  • Build Muscle & Shaping, Combine your workout with cellulite-busting exercises, combat cellulite build-up for ideal tone & shape, experience visibly rapid & rewarding results.

  • Burn Fat & Lose Weight, Vibrations force abdomen, back & pelvis muscles to work harder, Improves core strength & athletic power, decreases stress.

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