VIGBODY Dumbbell Set with Metal Handles for Strength Training


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VIGBODY dumbbell set made of natural non-polluting PEV materials are non-toxic and tasteless and will not produce any noise during use.


Weight: 25lb 30 lb 35lb 40lb 45lb

Handle Material:1018 cold rolled steel


VIGBODY dumbbells can help you perform various exercises, modify muscle lines, increase muscle endurance, and are used for anyone who wants to increase strength, burn fat, and shape the body.


Solid cast iron dumbbell

Solid cast iron design

The shell is electroplated with three layers, the surface is chrome-plated, gym dumbbells is not easy to rust, and the inside is all solid cast iron, which is strong and durable.

1018 cold rolled steel chrome-plated handle

The handle and weights are tightly connected without breaking

The cast iron solid and PEV materials coating and the handle are connected together by a sturdy 1018 cold rolled steel chrome-plated handle, the connection is tight and very strong and durable.

vigbody dumbbells

Fine workmanship

Fully solid cast iron design, processed layer by layer and inspected by various quality departments.

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Ergonomically designed handle pattern

The knurled ergonomic handle provides great grip,non-slip and safety.Dumbbell grip is solid and made of solid steel with plated chrome to prevent rust. And the hand-held weight kit will not crack or bend after repeated use.

PEV materials coated protect your floor

PEV materials coated protect your floor

Made of 7MM thickness PEV materials, no rubber smell and odorless, it can protect the ground or shelf while increasing cushioning and friction.

25lb dumbbell

Professional and stylish

Made to last and the exterior feels strong . The raised letter and numbers are very stylish, professional and attractive.

Recommendations for choosing dumbbell weights

Recommend to choose different dumbbell weights to work for your training levels.

Such as use lighter for triceps and biceps and the heavier weights when working legs,

or use a pair of heavier dumbbell when doing a multi-joint combination exercise.


Choose a 25-pound dumbbell or two into strength training or HIIT workouts will help build muscle and shed fat.

Choose a 35-pound dumbbells are ideal for strength training routines and can be used for the fitness enthusiast’s HIIT workouts.

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