RELIFE S5230 Adjustable Cycling Bike With A Heavy Duty Bidirectional Flywheel


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The best way to motivate yourself to get in shape!
It features a belt-driven system that provides quiet riding, making it ideal for use in any home. Plus, the heavy steel frame can support up to 330 pounds, ensuring even the heaviest users can enjoy a comfortable ride. With adjustable resistance and multiple handlebar and seat positions, this bike can be customized to fit any user’s needs.

Take Your Riding Indoors

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Get in Shape in An Easy Way

Relife cycling bike With a bidirectional flywheel, the 35 lbs flywheel will let you enjoy the outdoor sports experience at home and perform intense aerobic exercises in a stable position. Engineered with speed and stability, this flywheel provides more momentum to keep up with intense exercise with ease when performing it in a stable position.

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Enjoy A More Smooth Ride

The most important part of a cycling bike is the resistance and our sturdy belt drive system not only can provide your thighs, butt, and glutes a serious workout, but also provides you with a quiet ride. Simply turning the knob, you can increase or decrease resistance, so your workout can remain effective from start to finish.

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Searching For A New Workout Routine?

With the help of an Active Free Wheel, rearranging home space becomes affordable and manageable. Moving this cycling bike from spot to spot inconvenience with its transport wheels and find your next routine’s location without sacrificing precious free time.

Utilize the performance monitor to track